1. Container Delivery & Preliminaries
  2. Installing Beam & Block
  3. Building up to DPC
  4. Building Hepworth Chimney
  5. Building the shell with Bradstone
  6. Framing the Roof
  7. Roof Insulation

Glossary of Terms

Putting up a Greenhouse
Installing a Pond
Building a Garden House

Norbord Caberdek

Association of SelfBuilders

We are now installing the Norbord Caberdek



We have lined up and screwed the first board in place and are now putting a bead of glue on the T&G edge to encure a secure fix.


Offering up the next sheet of Caberdek

You will note the white and blue covering - this is a blastic film that helps protect the decking from the elements as well as the plaster and decorating that ultimately gets on the floor. When everything is finished you just peel the film off and the floor is clean and ready for the floor covering.


Slotting the board into position and getting the Tongue and groves lined up. You will note that the boards are staggered, this makes the floor stringer and helps eliminates squeeks and weak spots.



Here we are also using a floor cramp to help get a tight seam.


Once the boards are in position we are ready to secure them into place.


We are driving in a screw to keep the boards from moving now they are snug.