1. Container Delivery & Preliminaries
  2. Installing Beam & Block
  3. Building up to DPC
  4. Building Hepworth Chimney
  5. Building the shell with Bradstone

Glossary of Terms

Putting up a Greenhouse
Installing a Pond
Building a Garden House


Association of SelfBuilders

Starting to build the Roof Framing



The trusses have arrived along with our crane so we can start unloading.


We chose Norbord's Caberdek for the flooring. This decking has a weather resistant film which enables us to use it while we are still drying in the house. Also Norbord are the industry leaders and produce quality products.


We used the crane to lift the packs of Caberdek and set them on the floor joist.



Craning in the trusses - nice to see they fit!




We are testing the spacing with a piece of Vencel Resil roof insulation to make sure everything will fit



The overall outline is starting to be seen