1. Container Delivery & Preliminaries
  2. Installing Beam & Block

Glossary of Terms

Putting up a Greenhouse
Installing a Pond
Building a Garden House


Association of SelfBuilders

Building the DPC



Starting on the damp proof course.



Getting most of the perimeter done in preperation of laying the beam & block


When you are going to be doing a job and your equiptment is critical - always get the best. For durability we choose the Belle MiniMix 150 with a petrol engine, this way we don't have to worry about the leads.


Once the beam and block has been laid we can finish the DPC



This is the top of the bricks and blocks we will put the DPC



Site view - building the DPC


Now we have finished the DPC and can see the internal layout of the ground floor. In the cavity at the floor level we will be putting the Damp-Proof Membrane then the Jabfloor Type 70 then the Rehau underfloor heating and the screed.