It is that time of the year again to get out the "Barbie" invite some friends over and enjoy the outdoors.

More and more we are creating patios as extensions of our living areas and as such like to incorporate and furnish these areas for relaxation and/or entertaining.

We found this fantastic Garden House by Finnforrest called Talo. It measures 4.75m x 3.78m and because this area of the garden offers some great views we decided to put a 3m deck across the front.

This is the lower area of garden by the orchard. Not only is this an excellent area to put a garden house - it is really the only place without having to cut down trees.

We graded the ground a little and used old railroad sleepers as supports for the garden house and deck.

We covered the ground with some black plastic to help prevent unwanted things growing under the garden house.
We are using 10" x 2" main supports.
We are now adding the 6" x 2" treated timber for the rest of the foundation framing
We have finished the base for the garden house and have started putting on a coat of preservative. Since we will be coating the Garden House we are also putting a coat on the frame as well.









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