Grading one of the plots. The reason we are grading is that we are restricted on the height we are able to build. We needed an extra meter and since we can't go any higher we going down. Using a surveying equipment we are able to determine how much we need to grade the plot


Some of the soil is going to the back garden. We rented this 750Kg dumper from Fosseway to move loads to the back. This saves your back when back-filling the terraces we are working on in the rear garden.



Now we need to set out where the load bearing and external walls are going. To do this we start at one corner then stake out the corners and tale corner to corner measurements to make sure the structure is square. Once the the corners are square we can run a string to mark out the perimeter and the centre line to dig the footings.

We are digging the footings to a depth of 1 m x 600 mm wide except through the centre load bearing wall where there will only be 1 course of blocks, here we are only going 500 mm wide.

When the footings are dug we will have the Building Inspector take a look to make sure that all is as it should be. Then we get the go ahead to pour the footings.

Because of some conifer trees at one corner of the footings we had to go to a depth of 2.1 metres and step it back up at a rate of 200mm for every 1 metre.

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