Building the shell

We have made up some dummy frames for the doors and windows and are setting them by where they will be needed.

It is important to try and get all the materials that will be needed when starting the brick work such as the blocks, coursing bricks, bricks, wall ties, sand, cement, pasticiser, insulation, lintels, pad stones,... this way work can flow smoothly.



Once the DPC is down we have laid the first row of ties.





Our Ambion Wealden Wealdmade Multi's have arrived.




Our H+HCelcon Standard Blocks have arrived.




Our Bradstone Architectural Dressings have arrived.




Our Red Bank Fireplace and Chimney products have arrived.


We have also had another delivery of Rugby Extra Special Cement and another load of sand from Wildmore Aggregate.

To ensure that your mortar is the same colour throughout the build be sure and use the same suppliers for your cement and sand.


Time to start building.

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