Brintons carpet


Renaisance - sophisticated, luxurious, the name suggests, Renaissance is a rebirth of tradtional styling, influenced by the growing popularity of rugs in natural and antique colours.



Bell Twist - made from 80% Wool and 20% nylon, it combines the softness and comfort of wool with the hard wearing properties of nylon and while the wool -rich blend carries dye beautifully Brintons have created a unsurpassed colour pallette for the range.

Bell Twist

We choose the the Barley which will hide some dirt and go with almost any decor.

This is an attractive and comfortable carpet and is well suited for family use.

Carpet underlay system that helps eliminate odors from forming in your carpets - great when you have children and/or pets
Odor Eaters
Using Gripperrods by Interfloor to secure the carpets

Brintons Carpet Interfloor