Outback Barbecues


The Bose Lifestyle systems are different. Engineered as a union of performance, elegance and simplicity, they deliver a cinema-like experience that many conventional systems cannot match. This experience is the result of our integrated systems design, where each element is engineered to work in harmony with the others - simply.

Performance that once required massive speakers and a wall of components is now achieved with cube speakers as small as a computer mouse. The need for complex calibrations and frequent adjustments is gone - replaced by advanced technologies that handle many of them automatically, leaving you free to enjoy the listening experience.

We set up 2 zones - one in the lounge with the surround sound and the second zone with Bose Lifestyle powered speakers that we have in the kitchen and dining room. This way we can enjoy the music in all the main entertaining areas of the house.

It is highly recommended to find a Bose dealer in yhour area and take a test drive - you'll be hooked!