You don't have to spend a fortune to get a complete new look and/or feel.



What is the right lighting?

Floor Lamps: Excellent for creating mood lighting and can be feature accessories.

Table Lamps: Traditional and very functional way of providing ambient lighting.

Decorative Lights: These can range from neon tubing to lava lamps and are sometimes more art than light. However, these types of light can be used to good effect if put in the right place.

Wall Lights: Can be used as ambient lighting or to dramatic effect with coloured bulbs.

Spot Lights: Great for 'task' lighting.

Down Lights: Either mains or low voltage are quite popular and 'wash' an area with light. Use dimmers and/or eyeball lights to add flexibility.

Pendant Lights: The traditional room lighting. Can be used well when accented with other lighting systems. Again, putting these on dimmers can change the character of the room.

Track Lights: These can not only be very practical but also add flair.

A nest of pigeonhole-style drawers built under a cupboard frees countertop space. Tailor the number and size of drawers to the type and amounts of dry staples you use.
The secret to elegant displays--even when working with everyday objects--is the lushness of the layering. To create your own elegant displays, begin with one tall object, such as this lamp, placed in the center. Then, loosely create a triangle shape as you work down to the surface. A full bouquet and a candle-topped stack of books make the next tier here, then bone china, more books, and the glass-topped table itself complete the still life