We have used the T.D.I. Weathercor/F Rigid Cavity Closures around the openings - ready for the windows and doors.

BAC 's Majestic Hardwood Windows

Each window and door is triple coated with microporous seleant, allowing timber to breathe whilst providing weather protection.

We requested Pilkington K Insilight Therm Glass with square lead.

Pilkington K Glass™, which usually forms the inner pane of a double glazing unit, allows less heat to escape through your windows than ordinary glass. Thanks to a special energy saving coating which lets the sun's rays through, but reflects heat from fires and radiators back into your home. Heat which ordinary double glazing allows to escape..

Setting the window frames in the openings.
Drilling the holes making ready for the fixing screws.

Screws are counter set for the opening.
Calking the windows to keep out the wind and water.
.The Pilkinton glass in our windows absorbs heat then radiates it again on the colder, outside, surface. Pilkington K Glass™ has what is called a low emissivity coating on the surface that faces into the air gap of the double glazing unit.

Low emissivity means the coating is a poor radiator. The heat absorbed by the coated glass is inhibited from radiating across the air gap and then from the outer pane to the cold outside world. Instead the heat is reflected back into the room by the coating.

It works in a similar way to a sheet of reflecting foil placed behind a central heating radiator which, as you know, bounces the heat back into the room.

It makes double glazing as effective as triple glazing and cuts fuel bills.

Rear of the house