We contacted Hepworth and discussed our requirements in a broad sence then sent them a set of drawings. From these they were able to put together a heating schematic with a materials list.
We used 22mm main runs with 10mm drops to the radiators. Using the 10mm we will be able to dryline the walls right over them without having to chase them in the walls.
Using the Hep2O was an easy choise because they are easy to use and quick to fit - not to mention Hepworth products being the best in the business.
Here we are wrapping the pipes that go through the knock-out holes of the Trus Joist.
With Hep2O it is easy to work with the new manufactured "I" beam trusses.
Waste pipe and water supply for sink in second en'suite and pipes for radiator in master en'suite.
Now that the Hep2O is in place it is time to pressure test and make sure all is as it should be.
After running the Hep2O for the heating and water supply to the taps wee are starting on the drainage.
As we have bathrooms on both sides of the house we choose to have the drainage on the outside here as it will be obscured by the adjacent property.
On this side of the house we are having the drainage go on the inside as this side of the house is more exposed. We will box this pipework in with a removalable panel for easy access.
Finishing up some of the underground drainage.


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