The first item is to mark on the walls where you want the sockets.
Also mark on the walls where you want the switches and note the types (ie 2 gang 2 way switch).
Mark where you want your ceiling lights, exhaust fans, etc. Then the wiring is set up to accommodate the design - ring mains for each room or a specific configuration.
Wires are brought to the consumer unit which will be installed on the second fix.
The design of the Trus Joist with the knock-outs make it quicker and easier to run the wiring or the Hep2O through.

Recessed plug socket in the block wall so it will fit flush when we put on the plasterboard and plaster.

We are using Appleby products here which are a part of Electrium.

The same for the wall switches and outlets on the timber stud walls.
Wiring for the telephones, data ports, televisions, stereos, and alarm system. These will go back to a main "brains" supplied by Hellermann Tyton and GuardTec.
We have labled the wires so we know which wires go where.
Electronic switches, outlets, data ports and lights for the kitchen.