The first step is to choose the location of the vacuum power unit and wall inlets. Generally we recommend the vacuum power unit be installed in a garage. This permits the machine to be out of the way and the very small amount of noise it generates will be in a confined space.

The next step is to find the shortest or easiest route between the vacuum power unit and the wall inlets in order to install the rigid tubing network. It is often best to follow existing installations for plumbing, heating, air conditioning or electrical wiring and take advantage of penetrations through floors and walls which have already been made. With good planning, it is possible to avoid messy jobs such as drilling through floors or opening walls to feed tubing in an already built home.

The vacuum tubing networks can, therefore, go through walls and ceilings in order to reach basement or attics. In the inhabited part of a home the tubing can be hidden in closets, under a bathtub, behind kitchen appliances and cabinets, behind the trim of a corner, technical conduits, cornice, or even under a staircase. Wall inlets for the flexible hose can be placed at the same height as electrical sockets in order to respect an existing décor. The electric connection between the inlets and the vacuum unit is done through a low voltage wire which minimizes the risk of electrical shock.

A tubing network connects the Duo Vac vacuum unit to its wall inlets. These tubes are made of white PVC, 5.08 centimetres in diameter and are polished on the inside to facilitate air flow.

Duo Vac's basic kits of one or three inlets have been prepared to facilitate installation. Just a few inlets will be sufficient to serve all surfaces which need to be vacuumed (one outlet handles approximately 20 square metres). Everything is included in the Duo Vac basic kit: tubing, pipe fittings, glue, wire, wire attachments, tubing attachments, vacuum inlets , mounting plates, and instruction manual.

The proper location of the vacuum wall inlets is crucial. We recommend using a length of string, which wil be the equivalent length of the hose, to the scale of the plans, to establish the proper length of tubing required and ensure sufficient coverage of the surface to be vacuumed while making allowance for furniture in place. DuoVac has a range of wall inlets styles to compliment all types of décor.



Now we have done the final fix and mounted the Vacuum system on the garage wall and tested it to make sure all is in good working order.